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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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Heart Border [White] by RevPixy
I'm a self-taught artist in various traditional and digital
mediums with a current focus on my digital work (even
though my gallery doesn't show too much of it yet XD). I've concentrated my study on human characters, specifically in the fantasy style and genre. I'm ever-expanding my knowledge, skills, and experience with the single-most goal in each of my brushstrokes, that my art may bring you a smile!

I'm also co-owner of card game company Existence Games and co-creator of Exodus, the Trading Card Game. I enjoy using my art direction experience and passion for painting to contribute illustrations to the game from time to time :>

Thanks for checking out my work! Have an awesome day~


Sorry guys, there's probably not gonna be any new artwork from me this week--
Up until now I've been using a school computer that they sent to me for free (lol), and it got sent back this week since I've graduated. So I'm just waiting for my new comp to come and get set up... #muchhype I am a dummy! 

Until then, how's everything with you all? Any summer plans?? :>
(As for me, life looks like it's about to get very busy again, aha Onion Boy 6 )
Ah I'm so happy, I finally took my last final this week and now I'm officially graduated!!! Now that high school's checked off the list, I'll be going from part time to full time work in my own business! (ง •̀v•́)ง (Alongside art XD) So ye lots of hype this week as we get ready for the celebration and I wrap up some new illustrations ~ 

I've had this character in my head for a long time and have been wanting to draw a full digital of her forever, as well as try my hand at a "floating in water" illustration--which was so much more fun than I thought it'd be XD Hope you enjoy, and if you wanna see, I also did a full-armor sketch of this lady a little while back:…
Cierice The Liquescent Icicle
Guess it's time to break the ice and tell y'all about the last illustration I've been stashing away ;>

This is a new type of creature we call "Shardfolk" that's soon to be featured in the Exodus TCG. These sharp-headed beings, composed entirely of crystal ice, emerged on the fictional planet Eeventide and strive to freeze over the world to cease the chaos and attempt to put the planet's self-destructing nature at bay. That's all I can really say for now, as this is still unreleased content in the game >v> but if you're interested in learning more about all this cool stuff, check out the Exodus card game website:

Hope you guys have a nice day! Boogie! 
Paladin's Parable
A while back I finished this illustration for my game Exodus, though had to keep it in hiding for many months while we waited for copyright :') But I'm thrilled to be able to show this now, especially since this drawing holds a few firsts for me, and thus holds a place in my heart. This was the first of several illustrations I did for the Exodus TCG, and interestingly, was my first completed, fully-colored digital drawing. On top of that, I think this was the first time I painted wings as well ^^" Boy those took a lot of reference XD

So yea, that probably says something about how long I've been holding onto this piece, haha XD Nevertheless, hope you enjoy, and catch this illustration as an Exodus card in the future!
Existence of Unknown Origins
At long last this piece is ready to show! :happybounce:
I illustrated this for my amazing older brother, who also happens to be my business partner in our company Existence Games. We're the creators of the Exodus TCG, a super fast-paced, fantasy tabletop card game. (Check it out here:
The concept of this illustration is us as characters (known as Drifters) in our game's storyline :> It'll be printed as an actual card in the game soon and will be released later on!


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If you haven't made these into posters yet then I can already tell you they would sell REALLY good at any convention or online store.
Lexidus Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw wow, thanks so much LoveI'll definitely take posters/prints into consideration for the future! Have a great day, and stay awesome :>
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If you don't have a Patreon yet maybe you can consider one if you like.  You don't have to if you don't want to, but I think it will help support your work.
I know what support means to us in the art community.
You stay awesome as well ^_^
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